What can Social Media do for You!

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What can Social Media do for You!

How many people out there consider themselves ‘Social Media Users’? Most of us use social media without any conscious thought about what it really means to us. We get a quick break and scroll through Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and a bunch of other social media outlets. We are truly unaware of how each tweet, post, IG photo, and caption connects us to a larger group, a global group, of people.

Yes, I said global! With the way that the internet interfaces and the ease of using social media you are, or could potentially be, ‘friends’ with people from all over the world. It also means that these ‘friends’ from all over the world have a direct impact on what you are seeing and how you think, behave, and act after scrolling through social media.

The trick as a business owner is learning how to turn those scrolls, likes, hearts, and thumbs up into a customer base for your company. Now, if you are a small business owner and I lost you at global come on back for a minute. Global might be scary but it doesn’t need to be, what you need to remember is that both local and global help you run a successful marketing campaign. Successful marketing is how you bring in customers near and far and ultimately customers turns into, fingers crossed, money for your bottom line.

So what can Social Media do for you?

  • It can help you connect with people of all different demographics
  • It can help to build a different type of customer relationship
  • It can help you to put your product front and center of every post you put up; increasing customer awareness of your product
  • It can give you the ability to engage with customers
  • It can help create connections outside of ‘business hours’
  • It can give you an opportunity to build brand recognition

Over the next couple of months we will be looking at some of these points in greater detail on our blog, as well as other important social media information. For now, suffice it to say that social media, when utilized properly, can only benefit your company. Our company, My Marketing Loft, is working to help each and everyone of our customers to utilize their social media potential. Let us help you too, call today 385–275–1504 to schedule a time to meet with our highly qualified staff.

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